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Dr. Zaibaq


I-Profiler technology

We have the best solution for your eyes: Eyeglass lenses designed for your unique prescription, frame and face. Start with the best prescription possible: i.Scription by ZEISS

  • Better night/low-light vision
  • Better visual contrast
  • Better color vision
i.Scription by ZEISS is based on data collected from the i.Profilerplus — an instrument designed to determine the exact "fingerprint" of your eyes. This makes it possible for your Doctor to create ZEISS customized lenses with i.Scription to deliver your best vision possible ... Learn More >>


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Houston is home to the world's largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. With countless medical doctors, only a small percentage can be named Top Doctors. Houston presents thousands of options when it comes to choosing a medical professional. H Texas has searched through the masses to identify doctors known for excellence. From an initial diagnosis to a lifetime of care, these docs work tirelessly to receive recognition in a city famous for breakthroughs in medicine. Nominated by their peers and H Texas readers, here are Houston's Top Doctors.

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By Dr. George Zaibaq - Therapeutic Optometrist, and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist

Do you ever wake up with the feeling of having sand in your eyes, along with burning, watery, and red eyes?

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Have you ever complained to your Eye Doctor, that “you can see, but you do not see good”, or You hate driving at night because you just do not see good at night? Well read on, as good krisp night vision is now a realty, thanks to the non-surgical Wavefront Correction of the Eye.  Read More

Dilation of the Eye allows the examiner to view much larger area of the retina compared to a Non- Dilated Exam. It also enables the examiner to view the various components of the inside of the eye in a stereo view, which has proven to be very helpful in detecting abnormalities that require extra attention.  Read More